Civil marriage Bonaire

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Town hall

The ‘Pasangrahan’ is located at the Plasa Wilhemina near Fort Orange and the government office. The building dates from around 1890 and was originally the home of the Debrot family. After his death in 1921 it came into the possession of the government and was used as a pasanggrahan for many years, the official guest house of the government. Interesting detail: On March 2, 1944 Princess Juliana used it as an accommodation during a one-day visit.

Getting married in the renovated town hall of Bonaire ‘The Pasangrahan’ is possible in the large wedding hall.



Couple must submit a Certificate of no impediment for bride and groom (also referred to as a single status report and in some states called a negative statement of marriage) This certificate of no impediment could be obtained at the bureau of vital statistics which is located in the department of health. Also needed an apostille form.

For couples who are not been married before, an alternative for the certificate of no impediment is a notarized statement (Apostille needed).

Copies of birth certificate (long form) for bride and groom with the names of your parents and including an apostille. This apostille could be obtained at the office of State (Secretary of State). Click here for a few examples of the US apostille.

If either party has been divorced we need to receive a copy of the 1st and last page of the divorce decree(s). Also needed an apostille.

If either party is a widow(er) we need to receive a copy of the pertaining death certificate. Also needed an apostille.

Valid passports for the couple and their witnesses. Copy of the photo and detail pages need to be submitted. (If couple does not have any witnesses, we will provide them).